Career Day At Ralph Waldo Emerson School

Career Day At Ralph Waldo Emerson School

Detroit – May 14, 2013. Agents of Hope visited the Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary and Middle School in Detroit, Michigan for its Career Day. The students received information and guidance on many opportunities in entrepreneurship and global business leveraging powerful and yet simple technologies.

Quite a number of topics were discussed to great lengths such as the power of imagination, creative visioning, college degree requirements, the role of money and journaling. The students posed very important questions regarding achieving successful careers and inquired about the importance of having a passion.

The students received special gifts of notebooks and pens to jump start them in writing down goals and dreams. Special thanks to the student helpers/greeters, school staff and principal for the invitation and event planning. Our deep gratitude to Agents of Hope friend and partner, Jossy Media, for volunteering with the excellent photos.



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