Attain Your Hopes And Dreams Seminar – Anita Trummp

Attain Your Hopes And Dreams Seminar – Anita Trummp

Are you living your dream? Deep within you lies a reservoir of unused potential. It is our utmost desire to help you utilize this power to achieve your goals and dreams. Come meet and listen to our successful speakers at this Agents of Hope motivational seminar.

Meet our distinguished speaker:

Anita ‘Morphyah’ Trummp is a sought after international speaker and transformational coach. She covers a broad range of topics and can customize a keynote, seminar or workshop to meet the needs of any group — from corporations to professional organizations and associations. Every program is based on the core elements of Morphyah’s coaching principles designed to help you attract all you want in life, both personally and professionally.

She was born in Detroit, 1 of 6 children. She herself has 7 children and had her first child at 15. She grew up in the central and Tireman area and went to Murry Wright high school.

She met a prolific mentor at the age of 19 who guided her to start her 1st business at the age of 23. You see, she realized something was wrong with the way our families and communities were bringing us up and knew she had to do something to help break the cycle.

She decided that she’d be the one to do what it would take to change the direction of her family’s life.

These real-life success pioneers will share true examples on how to achieve success in various areas ranging from business to personal career success. You will receive some great information from great mentors and motivators — for FREE.

Network with like-minded peers over drinks and great food. Learn new success tips. Get a career boost. Promote your business or venture and gain potential partners. You cannot miss this FREE seminar series!