2016 New Goals – Attain Your Hopes and Dreams Seminar

Are you living your dream? It is a new year and a great time for new beginnings.

JuJuan Buford – Entrepreneur & Author

Jujuan BufordFor over 15 years, JuJuan Buford has been helping entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and achieve financial independence. Buford established himself early on as a top performer within the banking industry, exceeding annual sales and marketing goals within the first three months of his career, and consistently excelled in the capacity of a former investment advisor, and business consultant. More importantly, he is most proud of having helped business owners transition their concepts and ideas into living, breathing, thriving realities.

He is an accomplished public speaker, having addressed crowds in excess of 5,000, and is a talented writer; proficient in the production of mission statements, press releases, white papers, and creative non-fiction and fiction works.

Buford’s passion stems from a belief in the unlimited potential of people to achieve incredible feats, provided the tools and fertile ground are available. It has been his personal mission to be a consummate go giver, and empower individuals and entrepreneurs to achieve lives of satisfaction and prosperity.

Currently, JuJuan Buford is part of a premier, international sales and marketing organization providing the most comprehensive, cost effective legal and identity theft solutions for families, entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions, and their employees. We partner primarily with business to business professionals, brokers and agencies, and sales professionals to offer inarguably the most requested services in the United States & Canada.

Adeniyi Osisanya – Health and Fitness Advocate

Adeniyi Osisanya

A long time supporter, friend and advocate of Agents of Hope, Adeniyi will be sharing his powerful success story on fitness and health.  He will be helping us achieve our goals with great results in the health and fitness area.  Here are his qualifications:

  • Health/Fitness advocate
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Bachelors of Science in Human kinetics /Exercise Physiology
  • Specialty in Motor learning and Human Biomechanics
  • Certified personal Trainer – American Council of Exercise
  • Over 10 years of bodybuilding experience