Matthias Horch, Co-CEO, Secure-24

Matthias Horch is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Secure-24, a leading managed hosting and cloud provider. Secure-24 specializes in delivering global, comprehensive support for the technical requirements of industry and government, including infrastructure, implementation, management and ongoing support for enterprise applications.

He established the eBusiness Hosting and Network Security business for TDS, one of the largest SAP Application-hosting firms in Europe, and was responsible for maintaining the company’s success in world-class information security technology.

In 2000, Secure-24 co-founders Matthias Horch and Volker Straub were asked by their current employer — TDS AG, the largest SAP hosting company in Europe — to spearhead the effort to open a North American division. However, when the dot-com bubble burst that year, TDS AG cancelled its plans and called the two back.

While the bubble burst left many IT firms fearing the worst, Volker and Matthias believed in their vision of bringing innovative IT outsourcing solutions to the United States. The two chose to stay, and founded Secure-24 in 2001.

What began as two entrepreneurs with a strategic vision soon became a leading company in enterprise hosting and cloud services. Today, Secure-24 has remained true to its original vision by providing quality IT infrastructure solutions to hundreds of clients around the globe.

With great motivation and direction from Horch, Secure-24 approaches philanthropy in a variety of ways, with a focus on helping the most vulnerable members of our communities – children. From local to global organizations, Secure-24 is passionate about contributing toward causes that improve the lives of individuals.

Agents of Hope is deeply grateful to Matthias Horch for accepting to speak at the 2013 Agents of Hope Seminar.